Movemar is a field merchandising software that gives field merchandising companies a competitive edge.

Plan, collect, monitor and analyse every aspect of their field teams’ activities.

Complete transparency

Complete transparency and monitoring capabilities over your field merchandising team’s activities.

  • Activity feed
  • Precise location for each of your reps
  • You decide what data to be collected
  • Real-time sync

Field reps profile

Get automated performance reports for your team.

Every member of your field representative teams gets an individual profile where you can monitor or plan their work.

  • Detailed report about their performance
  • Personal schedule.
  • Personal tasks and reminders.
  • Stores and responsibilities.


Store profile

Each store has its own unique characteristics. Movemar allows you to segment all stores by creating and managing unique tags and characteristics. Shape your database the way it works best for your company and clients.Manage the clients and products that your field reps will find in each particular store. Run complete report and monitor the visits your team has done for it.

  • Tag and segment each store.
  • Previous visits details.
  • Manage the clients and products that can be found for each store
  • Manage the visit schedule directly from the store profile.

Custom forms

Powerful and flexible way to collect only the information your clients need. You can create unlimited forms to streamline details, action points, numbers and much more from your field team. Forms can be created on 3 different levels - store, client or clients’ products. Each form can hold as many questions as you need from the 4 different types - free text, number, multiple choice questions and single choice questions.

  • 4 different question types
  • Product level forms
  • Client level forms
  • Store level forms


Field photos

Each photo in the platform comes with guaranteed validity. Photos can only be made through the mobile app and not uploaded. Each photo are stored with full details - when, where, by whom and for which client/product it was made.This way you can give a 100% guarantee to your clients that the photos you are sending them are valid and made in the stores.

  • Easy filtering and bulk download
  • Smart file naming
  • Unlimited amount of photos
  • Real-time sync

Advanced reporting

Movemar gives you complete freedom to create custom reporting templates based on your and your clients’ information needs. Each report is exported in Excel and can be further edited or imported in other systems. Each report can be even further filtered based on the store tags and characteristics to give you even more precise data. Photos can be bulk downloaded based on the period and client you choose. Each file name will contain important information to help you organise them for your clients.

  • Custom white label reports
  • Bulk download and smart naming for the photos
  • All reports come in Excel format

Let us show you how Movemar works

Movemar is a tool that is tailored for field marketing companies. The platform will allow you to plan, monitor and execute the every process of your operations. We are at your disposal to see if Movemar can fit your workflow and processes.

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