Dynamic management of field teams and clients.

More that 60% of brands lack the necessary data for informed decision-making at the store level. Movemar empowers field sales teams with the insights required to secure shelf space, drive incremental sales growth, and effectively execute merchandising initiatives within their key accounts.

All-inclusive resources for staffing, executing, and sharing your finest work.

Efficiently organize your workforce by creating schedules for merchandisers.

Effortlessly organize your team's diverse skills and attributes, ensuring readiness for any task. Also, keep tabs on client project details, deadlines, and budgets, while assigning tasks and scheduling store visits seamlessly.

Streamline client management and grant them access to reports effortlessly.

Provide brand and retail partners with instant access to performance and in-store execution data through customized reports, instilling confidence in the value your team delivers consistently.

Improved completion rates

Ensure timely completion of requirements and verify high-quality execution in the field to uphold standards and maximize effectiveness. By adhering to deadlines and maintaining rigorous standards, we guarantee optimal outcomes for every task.

Improved ROI from your workforce.

Optimize your field resources by implementing configurable teams that include dedicated area managers, ensuring efficient oversight and support. Simplify staffing procedures to streamline workdays, enabling smoother operations and maximizing productivity in the field.

Empowered brand alliances

Enhance the caliber of your service offerings by granting immediate access to comprehensive data regarding progress and outcomes in the field. This enables swift decision-making and facilitates proactive adjustments to optimize performance and ensure client satisfaction.

The most user-friendly application for agile field teams.

  • Uncover nearby prospects for expansion.
  • Streamline drive time, mileage, and reporting for representatives.
  • Evaluate previous execution history at each store.
  • View sell sheets, forecasts, and other pertinent sales materials.
  • Scan barcodes for effortless order placement while on the move.
  • Instantly share store photos and survey results.
  • Analyze sales and execution data with automated dashboards.

Tailored brand reports for each client.

Enhance your service standard by providing each client with instant access to their most pertinent data, including completion rates, merchandising information, photo galleries, and more.
  • Stay up-to-date with automatically refreshed real-time field data.
  • Generate customized reports based on every client.

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