Real-time promotion execution insights at scale

Over 60% of brands face challenges in executing retailer-aligned promotions at the store level. Movemar simplifies the process by facilitating field team deployment, ensuring compliance, and sharing execution metrics with retail partners, helping you achieve your planned promotion results.

Enhance promotion execution at the point of sale with our streamlined workflow.

Distribute surveys to the field and verify compliance instantly.

Utilize your field team to conduct surveys and capture photos of displays and promotions in designated accounts. Identify out-of-stock items or missing displays and facilitate communication within your team to promptly resolve compliance issues.

Improved sales dialogues.

Empower reps to partner closely with retail managers, offering data-driven recommendations to grow shelf share. By leveraging insights, reps provide strategic guidance, fostering stronger retail partnerships and mutual growth.

Improved territory coverage.

Efficiently identify any gaps in coverage and ensure that every store is included in the plan. By promptly addressing any potential omissions, we guarantee comprehensive coverage across all locations, optimizing our reach and impact.

A culture of high standards

Keep everyone informed on progress towards key goals and empower team leaders to conduct data-driven coaching sessions with reps. Regular performance updates and insights into areas for improvement enable targeted guidance, fostering continuous improvement and success.

All-in-one solution for driving execution and winning at the point of sale.

  • Uncover nearby prospects for expansion.
  • Streamline drive time, mileage, and reporting for representatives.
  • Evaluate previous execution history at each store.
  • View sell sheets, forecasts, and other pertinent sales materials.
  • Scan barcodes for effortless order placement while on the move.
  • Instantly share store photos and survey results.
  • Analyze sales and execution data with automated dashboards.

Access real-time analytics on field sales performance across various scales.

Access custom reports on sales velocity, team productivity, and retail execution, all customized to suit your specific business requirements.
  • Access personalized sales reports generated from your retailer's point-of-sale data.
  • Adopt a data-centric strategy for forecasting, resource allocation, and coaching initiatives.

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