Perfect execution, across all locations.

Empower your field reps with essential tools to ensure brand compliance and optimize store performance.

Movemar simplifies the process of identifying and addressing compliance discrepancies, while providing robust tracking capabilities to monitor merchandising effectiveness over time.

A superior strategy for impeccable merchandising execution.

All-inclusive tools for achieving flawless field merchandising.

  • Efficient Survey Management: Swiftly generate and revise surveys to gather valuable insights.
  • On-the-Go Retail Data Access: Instantly access retailer point-of-sale and inventory information while in the field.
  • Collaborative Planogram Review: Evaluate planograms seamlessly with team-oriented file sharing capabilities.
  • In-Store Replenishment Ordering: Place replenishment orders directly from the store environment for enhanced inventory management.
  • Performance Dashboard Sharing: Share comprehensive dashboards on team performance and execution to foster transparency and accountability.

Monitor merchandising metrics efficiently.

Access sophisticated analytics detailing planogram adherence, product availability, and merchandising execution, customized to meet your specific business requirements through Custom Reports.

  • Analyze performance trends over customizable periods using trended reports.
  • Configure personalized reporting views for every member of your team.
  • Tailored reports to keep stakeholders consistently updated.

Stay one step ahead with Movemar!

Movemar is your key to gaining an edge over the competition. Schedule a short call with us and see how!