Tailored Reports

Evaluate your point-of-sale performance with flexible reports covering custom forms such as promotion execution, sales results, and team performance.

Employee Performance Reports

Evaluate team performance comprehensively with customized reports covering working hours, store visits, and other relevant metrics, all designed to align with your specific business requirements.

Dive deep into your team's performance with our Employee Performance Reports. Tailored to your business needs, these reports provide insights into crucial metrics such as working hours and store visits, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive productivity.

Retail Execution Insights

Monitor promotion and display execution in real-time, categorized by banner, brand, territory, and more, through interactive dashboards.

Efficiently assess promotional compliance and delve into specific store-level execution errors using comprehensive reports available in both Excel and our platform. Additionally, seamlessly review field photos to focus on conditions like promotions, merchandising programs, competitor activity, out-of-stocks, and more, through easily navigable photo galleries.

Tailored Out-of-Stock Forms

Generate a personalized Out-of-Stock Form to seamlessly align with your company's requirements and agenda.

Empower your company to create a Tailored Out-of-Stock Form that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements and objectives. Customize the form to seamlessly integrate with your company's processes and agenda, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness in addressing out-of-stock situations.

"Movemar provides real-time insights into our performance in the marketplace, enabling us to strategize and impact retail effectively. It stands as our ultimate competitive edge."

Jonathan Rivers - CrystalClear Hydration Co.

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