In-Store Execution

All the tools your team requires to enhance decision-making in the field and achieve success at the point of sale.

Enhancing Field Visits with Custom Surveys

Empower merchandisers to create impactful field visits by utilizing custom questionnaires tailored for each product, client, or location, ensuring every visit is valuable and informative.

This personalized approach allows for detailed feedback and insights essential for understanding market needs, client preferences, and product performance. During visits, merchandisers can also take detailed photos at the product, client, or place level, providing visual documentation to track in-store execution, product placement, and display compliance.

Optimized Scheduling

Effortlessly manage your field visits with the Movemar app. Navigate with ease and stay organized.

With Movemar, merchandisers can track assigned locations, add new ones, and navigate using GPS coordinates. The app also provides access to the history of previous visits, offering valuable context for each location. This centralized tool streamlines workflow, ensuring efficient territory management and consistent service for key accounts.

Store-Level Data Collection

Capture essential details for each store with ease. Ensure customized and accurate data entry.

Merchandisers in the field can use the app to fill in store-specific information, customized by the company. This tailored approach allows for the collection of relevant and useful data for each location. By standardizing data entry, the app ensures that all critical details are captured, enhancing the quality and consistency of store-level information.

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