Field Team Management

Organize, timetable, and assess operations as they happen. All the essentials for attaining optimal results on-site.

Team Scheduling

Boost territory coverage and program execution with focused task distribution and management of recurring schedules.

Task Assignment

Assign your field team to carry out precise activities in designated stores. Establish subtasks and deadlines to guarantee timely completion of work.

Schedule Management

Organize a consistent visit timetable for your team, or enable your team to develop the schedule through flexible, agile practices.

Orders & Returns*

Enable your team to generate precise orders on-site, regardless of the complexity of your product catalog.

Product Catalog

Set up your catalog and modify product availability per store. Incorporate custom attributes into the product.

Mobile Order Entry*

Provide representatives with the tools to scan barcodes, examine product specifics, and place orders on-the-go within moments.

Data Collection

Enable your team to document inventory quantities, promotional adherence, competitor actions, and additional insights directly from the store using customizable forms.

Adaptable Forms

Design and launch tailor-made surveys to the field swiftly, and begin monitoring outcomes and overarching trends as soon as responses come in.

Photo Galleries

Browse and sort field photos by product, client, or store, gaining instant insight into your products' shelf presence.

Time & Mileage Reporting*

Movemar effortlessly logs work hours and distances covered using GPS, simplifying precise mileage deductions and reimbursements.

Automated Logging

As soon as a representative begins their day, Movemar takes over, eliminating the need for manual data recording.

Daily Reporting

Access a comprehensive record of each representative's workday, detailing start and end times, distance traveled, and the path taken.

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