Movemar - marketing on the go

How can Movemar help your business grow

Measure and improve your marketing and sales campaigns.
Movemar organises, analyses and presents the whole information flow coming from your sales representatives during their visits

The way your brand is represented on the shelf is crucial for the growth of the company.
The moment your representative arrives at the store, she will be automatically presented with the forms and tasks you assigned her to complete.

Each representative has an internal profile page with the complete history of their past and current performance.
Movemar drastically improves the work of your filed representatives by allowing them to focus more on building relationships and less on the reporting part.

Powerful tool for acquiring market information with the help of questionnaires, audit forms, product checks, pictures for every visit of your sales representatives.

Growing your brand

Измервайте и подобрявайте вашите маркетингови активности и кампании.
Movemar организира, систематизира и представя целия поток информация, който идва от търговските ви представители.

On the shelf

Представянето на вашия бранд във всеки един обект е ключов за продажбите и разрастването на компанията ви.
При пристигане в обект, търговските представители, автоматично ще имат достъп до създадените от вас анкети и одит форми, за да следите позиционирането на вашия бранд.

Sales Representatives

Every representative has their own internal profile page with complete past and current performance report.
Movemar drastically improves the work of your field representatives by allowing them to focus more on building relationships and less on the reporting part..

Key information

Мощен инструмент за генериране на маркетинг и бизнес информация, чрез анкети, снимки и коментари за всяко посещение на търговски обект от ваш представител.

How does Movemar work

Visiting a store

Every contact with a store is of importance

The moment your sales rep steps in the store she wll be able to check in and start collecting information. Movemar considers the actual location of the representative to avoid fake or unreal visits!

Questionnaires and audit forms

Create questionnaires and audit forms for your representatives to fill out while visiting a store and make informed decisions about your business.

During each visit, the right questionnaire will appear to your sales reps. The smooth and intuitive interface will allow your crew to quickly collect information from the stores.

Take pictures for each visit

Your eyes in each store.

For every visit, the sales rep can take unlimited amount of pictures - where are your products, are they properly exhibited, where is the competition and much much more. Pictures are stored for each visit allowing you to quickly check and have the complete information about it.

Back office managerial app

Control, analyse and create

The web app is the control center for your sales reps teams. Monitor in real-time your teams activities and the information flow coming from them. Create questionnaires, audit forms and tasks for each member. Analyse the results of their work.

Individual profile for each sales rep

Complete transparence of who does what.

Each representitve has her own profile where you can monitor their complete performance by day, week or custom period. Also completed and uncompleted tasks and their responsibilities.

Individual profile for each store

Every store your product is sold is of importance.

The profile contains rich information from the standard contact details to company details, specific characteristics, discounts and more. You can easiiy track when and by who the store was visited, submitted forms, products offered and much much more. The whole relationship with the specific store can be tracked in their profile.

Performance and reports

The complete information flow is systematized, organized and analysed to support your decisions.

No more daily, weekly or monthly reports. Monitor every aspect of your teams' and products performance with the well presented statistics by Movemar.

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